Wreckovery Summer

re: GDP increases while income stagnates or declines.

Too bad there are no Democrat business owners willing to speak on the record about where the dollars from increased productivity are going. A competitive market insures that their returns are not much better than bank returns – so where is the money going? (into purchasing decisions made by D.C. for the masses – aka regulation. Which lay heavily on the middle class because they don’t consume that much as individuals, and any purchasing decisions made by others for them come right out of their pockets – either directly – like lightbulbs, or indirectly in new costs that their employers must pay in the employee’s interest).

It’s easy to see once you have to manage a businesses’ books. And make a payroll. And pay for benefits. And your local taxes that increase because better test equipment can now see arsenic that was always there but not measurable before.

Since the employees have been voting these fools in for decades, I assume they must want their productivity gains to go towards these “greater goods.” Where at the extreme they are now unemployed because of these arguably unwittingly chosen “purchases.”

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