Voter Fraud

re: voter qualifications (dead or alive).

The solution is to insure that anything that can be decided by less than 50M+1 voters overriding the desires of 50M-1, is. We should disestablish the central (which is now so different it appears to many as a foreign) government for all-things-domestic. And insist that local jurisdictions on the order of 300,000 souls decide and take responsibility for these decisions. Connecting action with consequence will deal with most of this silliness, enabled by the freedom of the electorate to vote not only with their ballot, but with their feet. Then these communities (larger than most of the original states, and as productive as all but a few of the world’s largest companies, will compete with each other for the favor of the citizen and their enterprise. For needs larger than a community, they will form their own voluntary associations (like today’s interstate compacts). No different than big corporations downsizing headquarters’ staff in the 70s and 80s to compete with their smaller competitors who used information technology and networks to expose the frailties of the Carnegie and Sloan industrial-age command-and-control organizations.

It’s time for the conservatives to tell D.C. they expect the domestic agencies to go to these communities of 300,000 and ask, hat in hand, for support of their existing products and processes, and if/when they can’t raise the funding, go out of business. Those that survive will have turned from masters to employees and all these ills will be behind us. Ditto the federal entitlements. “I’m sorry, we failed, there’s nothing in the cash-box but transfer payments and IOUs against future generations. We’re bankrupt. Here’s all the federal property we own, we’re transferring title to you, the municipalities that contain them or reside nearby.”

The communities will then decide who votes, and voters-and-not can decide where they want to live.

Granted, this assumes we actually are willing to trust our citizens to do the right thing, and for competition between communities to correct all major ills.

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