Teaching, The Honorable Vocation

We’re nearing a time (given collapse of the education system at all levels – followed by deregulation) when teachers will be able to create their own work environment (similar to what doctors and lawyers do – at least what doctors used to do pre-Obamacare, pre mandated HMO-like employment).

Average (private and public) spend per student is in excess of 10K for 9 months/200 days "in the office" – suggests that a “three instructor office” sharing the teaching load of 30 students (perhaps taught in their homes) will have pre-tax income in excess of 100K each (and if in DC, more than $250K each given DC school budgets of greater than $25K per student). With perhaps another $25K for off-year tutoring and still have time for a 4 week annual vacation. These new small businesses would also qualify for the same business deductions as other professionals, and rather than being off the tax rolls, be an above the line contributor to the local community.

Pity we were able to free the slaves of the 1800s, but not these.

Well, I do dream.

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