“Science-based” Governance

re: fact and science, AGW, Climate Change, now disruption.

Don’t look too closely but few in leadership are other than lawyers. Who would not understand the scientific method if it bit them in the @$$.

Looks like the Club-of-Rome cabal (which must include Mr. Soros) is finally being exposed for what it is – Hal Lewis calls AGW (climate change and most recently climate disruption “the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist.” And of course he’s now being attacked for decades old support for environmental research and the soviet ~ “he’s so old he’s likely demented and needs professional care.”

I also see that Michael Crichton’s passion for getting the religion out of science has pretty much disappeared from his web site. I wonder who put the arm on his descendants (or publisher) to do the lobotomy? Which is a pity since it may well be Michael’s greatest work and contribution to civilization.

Even with a sea-change election I don’t know how to fix D.C. We should disestablish it for all things domestic (so that we don’t ever face again the terrible result of 50M+1 deciding day-to-day issues for 50M-1, and committing the 50M-1 morally to decisions they don’t or can’t support.. and need not support if local communities govern, not a remote, at times what must seem foreign, central government).

It’s not that we conservatives want smaller government entirely, we want a much smaller central government in all things that can/could be managed locally

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