RNC (not) supporting TEA party primary winners (?)

Call it the first decisive battle for conservative control of the Republican Party. The reaction implies the old power structure is waking up, and is beginning to see a future where D.C. means less to a citizen wrt anything domestic (from law to benefits) than, say, the City Council and Mayor of Wasilla.

I had a discussion ages ago with a top-ranked GOP apparatchik about the need for groups like the Club For Growth. He agreed that the party is no less or more than the sum of the incumbents, and it (or any party where the power resides with the elected officials) is incapable of supporting a challenger against a member. Which was why (without term limits) there’d be little hope of change in our lifetimes.

My sense is we’re only going to get to do this once. And in the process of removing the central-government statists hands from our throats, a lot of nice "get-along types" – like Mr. Rove (who can’t imagine a D.C. less powerful than the average county) are going to find themselves having to work for a living.

I’m waiting for a pledge with a plan to get D.C. out of all things domestic – perhaps something named in honor of George Washington who handed back the crown to the people, its owners. This is what happened in corporate American in the 70-80s when headquarters staff (Sloan/Carnegie-command-and-control industrial-age organization) was made redundant by computers, networks, and information becoming cheap. Same can happen at the county level – they can do everything (domestic) the federal government can do, better, faster, cheaper (nothing like Moore’s law and inexpensive, if not free software), and be locally responsible. Disciplined not only by local interests and the ballot box, but by competition between these local government units for the citizen and their enterprise. Voting with our feet will return as a feasible option. It won’t be the libertarian ideal but it will be a lot closer than what we have today – near-sovereign political jurisdictions of ~300,000 people. Call it effectively a thousand "new states." And given that the European states have U.N. presence with smaller police forces, a thousand new general assembly members to shake up that organization as well…

Well, I can dream.

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