Regulation and Medicine, Markets, and the Precautionary Principle

re: Keynes, the undead (where’s the silver spike?)

The discussion about quack nostrums for the economy missed one that really fits.. “let’s bleed this patient” (“maybe he’ll mistake the lightheadedness for feeling better”) . IIRC, the largest cause of accidental death (by a factor of 5x) in the U.S. isn’t automobiles, but medical good intentions gone bad.. doctors are not gods and there are lots of mysteries in human affliction apart from well-known conditions with proven Rx. Enough so that when you have something that doesn’t fit a diagnosis well, it’s better to just wait and watch, rather than “do something” – but sadly we’re conditioned to do, and are too trusting.

We must find a (simple) fix that resets the clock to something sane for another 200 years. Don’t mend it, end it. Devolving (domestic) power, authority and responsibility away from the central government to local municipalities is not only possible, it may be the only solution that can end this madness.

Applebaum presumes the people want to be safe (v. safer in a less regulated future). What discount-rate exists in the world she lives in? Must be negative. No one seems to calculate the lost opportunities, lost wealth of not encouraging everyone to run as fast as they can, taking what appear to be sensible risks for a greater reward (w/ occasional disaster and Darwinian selection). We have no history of regulation or precaution driving innovation and a better future (compared to regulation slowing or preventing innovation). We do have a history of surprise being best met with individuals maximally enabled (wealthy, able in mind, spirit, and body, including an ability to defend themselves) especially when compared to those individuals, groups, and countries less free, less wealthy, less motivated, less responsible-for-self. So I drive the green-ies nuts because I tell them that they are actually making an argument for removing regulation so we can advance faster to be more prepared for their – as well as the 100 catastrophes we’re not thinking about of which one is much more likely to happen. Consider that (if you accept the Mitochondrial Eve thesis) that something killed all humans but those in a few tribes in Africa a couple of hundred thousand years ago. And that Yellowstone could cook off any day.

Sadly I think medical innovations, advances in health, etc. are about to fall by at least a factor of 10, if not 100.

Consider how high we place the bar for drug experimentation and production, imagine where the climate debate would be if they had to be 1/10th as disciplined. Granted, this regulation already has stifled medical innovation by a couple of powers of two since no start-up can clear the bar (no Google possible to change the rules in pharma), they must be acquired, so there’s little chance of big pharma companies being plowed under because they’ve become too much like a government – they are already hand-in-glove with their regulators to “manage” competition.

I hear Article V calling. First step is a state-by-state effort to seat representatives committed to the proposition their house and executive are more important, effective, able and representative of their people than the federal government in all things domestic. Then the Country can take itself back. And (local) actions will have consequences (locally) again. The Blue states can do all those progressive things unhindered that they know will result in heaven-on-earth and the Red States will observe and learn from their “betters.” And the Red states can hold the line (if not reverse) cultural innovations and cause everyone to sublimate those energies into dog-eat-dog free-market competition. And the people and their enterprise will not only vote at the ballot box but with their feet (and wallet). What could be more democratic?

Everybody wins, save those in love with raw power across the largest number of souls. And the parasitic regime class of apparatchiks and their institutions.

Well.. I do dream.

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