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Are we convinced yet that even the conservatives will be unable to govern and sustain their principles from the center? That we need to return the crown to the people in units of no more than a couple of hundred thousand – at least in terms of all things domestic? And let not only the local ballot sort these issues out but the citizen voting with their feet? Do we believe that competition in most, if not all things is the remedy for the unchangeable, non-perfectible heart of the human condition? Why should we use force (government) when an alternative exists?

If we don’t decentralize now, when? And I do mean everything, including entitlements and their (bankrupt, only political, no basis in financial obligation) promises of current and future care for the old, infirm and childish in all of their forms – a poor substitute for extended family responsibility but when absent it should be a local responsibility. Better a jury of my (local) peers, and my neighbors deciding these things than 50M+1 or our ~1,000 representatives, all reeds in the special-interests’ wind. What system can survive that requires that the government be any more perfect than the governed?

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