Projection From The Left (?)

Does anyone else shudder when the Left and/or Democrat party accuses the conservatives of (yet) another distasteful behavior? Seems the more we see their past behaviors exposed the more it appears the left is projecting their own dealings, actual and as observed among other leftists, on the conservatives. (I have a hard time of thinking of exceptions.. save statements like “they take their direction and moral compass from their God.”)

Vast right wing conspiracies, MSM in league, talking-points from whomever, etc.

Sad. And a bit frightening given what else they have been saying about the conservatives and their old-fashioned Liberal allies.

Answer is to disestablish the center. Anything worth doing nationally (on the domestic front) is worth (deciding and) doing locally. If it’s a bad idea we’ll know locally a lot faster than anything spending $10B a day, obligating $10B more, and directing the spending (thru regulation and litigation) of $10B more.


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