Party, Which Party

Re: vote

I’ll vote for any party that creates a plan to get the federal government out of all-things-domestic (by a date certain) and create incentives for the states to not only take responsibility for these functions and then devolve them within each state to a minimum of 20 geographic regions (if only to insure continuity of government given some disaster – odds of knocking over (or corrupting) 1,000 mostly-independent and self-governing political jurisdictions simultaneously is small to nil). These jurisdictions would be larger than most of the states at the country’s founding, and we’d be finally free of "special interests" – if they could convince the average jurisdiction of, say, 300,000 citizens, it’s no longer a special interest but a local interest. Before cheap computers and networks Federal centralization had some rational – but those days passed (for business) back in the 70s and 80s. Time to get a modern government. And share it – call it open source democracy – the sharing and competition for the citizen and their enterprise favor (who will vote not only with ballots but with their feet) will drive rapid improvements in governance in each locale.

Granted, those in love with power will fight it tooth-and-nail. Those that love the people and liberty will embrace it.

Well, I can dream.

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