Palestinian Suffering

I spent some time in Riyadh few years ago. Amazing how poorly the locals treated the Palestinian ex-pats (who often were more able (more experienced, better credentialed) if not smarter than their hosts). Esp. in work situations. Saw none of that in Haifa (esp. in the hi-tech companies). And the same was true in the outskirts of Cairo as well (where the army is still baking bread to prevent the food riots caused by the U.S. grinding corn into gasoline). The Palestinians are the ones who should make the outreach to the Israelis that we (have already) made to the Iranians. They don’t know who their true allies could be (esp. if what they want is a prosperous and peaceful existence for their children).

It’s curious how the Left’s advice, if inverted 180 degrees and prescribed for the “aggrieved” would actually have the desired or better result. (save where the desired result is a mask for a different goal).

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