Our Bankrupt (Federal, State, Local) Governments

Re: should we punish the profligate communities?

Reflect on WW2 when the last enemy was vanquished. We didn’t crush the citizens there under our boots, rather we lent them a helping hand. I think the same will be needed for the communities (still) in the thrall of the Left. What we can’t afford is a centralized government where 50M+1 dictate to 50M-1 (which forced Reagan to compromise far too much), and it need not be so (national elections need to become much less important in terms of all things domestic). Let the Left rule in areas where they have a large majority (and let them benefit from or suffer the consequences, after all it’s their community, and people can vote with their feet). Ditto for the various flavors of the conservative and libertarian right.

I’m very much in favor of returning all domestic power to communities (and their voluntary associations – both internal and external) of about 300,000 citizens – a typical infrastructure slice that would include a powerplant, 5,000 school rooms, a (small) airport, a courthouse, a few jails and hospitals, etc. It also represents economic power larger than all but a few in the Fortune 50, so there’s little in a civil society they can’t dominate in their own sphere – if they so choose.

And it’s very much a vote of faith in the people, similar to George Washington returning the crown, so unlike the institutions that soil his name today in the what must seem to many like a foreign capital, "D.C."

The ‘pubs must be blind since none of the current leadership has made the simple statement that we are committed to returning power (money) to the people by a few date certains, coinciding with elections so their pledges can be measured. Start by directing all domestic agencies to go to the local communities and ask if they’d voluntarily participate (at various cost levels), and adjust size appropriate to income. Just turning them from masters to employees will fix many ills. Most won’t survive. Which is ok.

And this is not new territory – businesses went thru this phase in the 70s and 80s as information technology made large headquarters’ staff redundant, and boards of directors bought off the exec suite by splitting with them the savings in going from order thousands to hundreds of HQ staff (and exec compensation went from under 7 figures to over 7) and the large companies that remained were basically driven by decisions made at their edges, in their customer facing divisions, so they could match their smaller, fleeter of foot, competitors).

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