Left Complaints In The News

re: Vast Right-Wing-Conspiracy.. we need to recognize projection and call it out for what it is when we hear it (rather than decades later when the proof ever-present. Madame Hillary certainly knew what resources the left controlled and directed back then, and knew the conservatives had nothing like it save raw intellect & judgment).

re: Police not professional/competent. Does this remind anyone else of "cargo-cult" behavior? (like the uniforms endow ability?) Saw this in Mumbai/Bombay bombings as well. My sense is the institution is mostly a jobs program when this occurs (and is happening more often in the U.S. sadly). And the U.S. could export this – training and rule-sets for countries that want to do better. fyi, it’s already happening as developing countries hire 1st world firms to, say, run their custom’s house. Local corruption ends, tariffs get paid, a better local government emerges (finance by taxes not corruption).

re: institutional corruption (non-profits, etc.). Means the first libertarian impulse was correct. The alternative to putting up with NGO corruption (or creating an even larger government to attempt to control them) is to defund them by eliminating the notion of non-profit (or taxes determined “profit” status). Which means charities and churches will be hurt. But using taxes for social purposes has always proven a mistake, long-term. Best to write law directly v. regulate, v. thumb-on-the-scale.

Re: LL3 & citizen involvement. Part of the founders’ conception was governance was a < 5% attention-unit problem (so the citizen could focus on their own self-government, family and local needs, civil society – etc.., and put almost all their energies into their “enterprise” knowing the social environment would be held stable – a fixed foundation to stand on). So most need not care if the Founders’’ framework was honored and only tinkered at around the edges. Unfortunately it’s rotted beyond the founders’ ability to recognize. For which they also share the blame– so we will eventually have to pay attention (if we want the “makers” (v. takers) to remain in this country v. voting with their feet because it is demanding more than 5% of their attention – including wallet) – but this means leadership (not just grass-roots dissatisfaction). Given the ‘Pubs reluctance to embrace Mr. Ryan’s plan (or promote another) I’m not encouraged. Perhaps they are keeping their powder dry until after the election.

Nothing less than devolving all the domestic power out of the center will suffice (which both left and right should support unless they’ve been captured by the Ring). Else these special interests (and the regulatory state) will continue to enslave the people, governing against their local interests/freedom/wealth/happiness/opportunity.

Well, I can dream. Neat thing is we’re now mobile and able to vote with our feet, and haven’t reached the point of China where “once a Chinese, always a Chinese, your person is owned by the state”). (But we’re getting there, wrt citizenship and taxes)

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