Koch Brothers In The News

re: Koch brothers (a conservative voice).

Not be a conservative voice for long, I suspect. Gates (Buffet, etc.) are pragmatic – BillG stood on principle a few times, lost and lost big (more than the entire ’87 crash, iirc). He’s not dumb. No business can resist a government that chooses to intrude on the citizen and their enterprise. And once government intrudes (and places an unequal and capricious thumb on the scales of the market), businesses are forced to plead their cause, plead for favor at the king’s table (within and without the rules – not every company around the world has our "sensibilities").

Be best if government didn’t regulate business at all, and where an absolute necessity (of tolerating the corruption that necessarily follows given the abject powerlessness of these individuals relative to a government) then regulate in a form that affects all equally. i.e. rather than safety regulations, require all owners and their families be exposed to the worst risks of their enterprise (e.g. Airline management must fly on their airplanes without knowledge of selection, etc., nuke plant owners live next-door, etc.).

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