Hiding behind “Peer Review”

Consider the honesty and contrast between the mostly unpaid skeptical scientists and Mann and company. We’ll know sanity has returned when the press starts putting scare quotes around the word scientist when citing AGW alarmists.

Amazing how the warmists jump to policy prescriptions and mandates when they haven’t done one tenth of the analysis and test rigor that’s required (with criminal penalties for withholding, fibbing or just coloring the truth) of a new over-the-counter drug (to say nothing of a prescription medicine).

Wonder how many "peer-reviewed" studies there were of Thalidomide (and even Laetrile). Then again our education system is graduating zombies so why should we expect better? It’s no wonder the Chinese internal science and policy papers on AGW just hold us up to ridicule.

I wonder why no top tier university U.S. researchers have put their reputations on the line over various (draconian) policies believed to be justified by AGW? Or attempted to convince people with fact-based arguments (rather than calls to authority – the UN, the Pope or so-called "consensus") like Freeman Dyson and Burt Rutan that they are just wrong, or engaged in the same fact-based argument with the ghosts of Richard Feynman and Michael Crichton.

When science becomes a religion it should be isolated and separated from governance with the same fervor of other faiths. The only intersection should be at the ballot box. We likely could agree that mankind would be best served and saved from oncoming and certain-to-happen but unknowable disasters by being as wealthy as possible at an individual level. In a catastrophe it’s the individual effort and ability that saves lives. Anything that slows us up from being as able and as individually wealthy and powerful at the time of the next catastrophe (be it an earthquake, hurricane, asteroid, Yellowstone cooking-off, or rising (or falling) water, or rising (or falling) temperatures will be viewed as a terrible mistake if not crime by its victims. Consider the 15,000 aged that died in France because they were not wealthy enough to accidently have an air-conditioner two Augusts ago. Stuff we take for granted the elderly on pension in Paris did not have. A shame.

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