Federalism Reborn

Re: governance by accretion

I worry the central government (and many state governments) are broken and unfixable (because by necessity it corrupts everyone who participates). Even Reagan failed to contain government growth.

We need to connect action with result much more tightly so we can get back to the business of America. And the only way I can imagine that happening is to make all domestic governance as local as possible. Then result will be linked tightly (both in time and place) with decisions. And as long as citizens are free to "vote with their feet" it will quickly work itself out to a new equilibrium, with those favoring communitarian living centered in, say, SFO, and those local enterprise in, say, the central valley. And both will benefit (and suffer) from their choices.

And then I won’t have to wake up nights asking "is it time to move my business and family to a country that is demonstrably more free in practice, if not in law?"

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