Failure To Launch

Re: failure to launch, U.S. encouraging adolescence thru the 3rd decade.

Be good to find a report on success and failures of the 18-26 year-olds returning from the war-zones and leaving the service. I suspect they leave as children and return as adults, more likely than not self-sufficient, freedom-loving citizens.

Interesting election just happened in Oz (where I’ve worked / vacationed since July). I’ve been talking to a number of (blue collar) tradespeople harvesting minerals and energy in Western Australia. They are surprisingly young, many appear to have left high-school at the end of their sophomore year and are now in their late teens, early 20s, building a nest-egg, starting a family. Some are saving to continue their education – which was not what they expected to do when they left high-school early, more a case of learning they can make a good living with their hands but they’d like to try the same thing with their heads.. and the hard work has tempered and matured them physically and mentally. Most are voting Liberal (the local party of liberty and self-responsibility, as opposed to "Labor" – the party of the socialists & past communists & the nanny state), and are fairly libertarian in outlook. Even as most are members of Unions.

They are appropriately skeptical of big business, but they blame government corruption and arm-twisting (not their bosses) for making tax deals (that would hurt their competitors more than they). And they think the AGW alarmists and those that would tax carbon will impoverish them, their families and their children’s children.

My guess is the U.S. youngsters (who have not served) will not (ever) be so clear-headed.

I fear for my country. But maybe the quarter-million-plus youngsters who risked their lives will save us – again.

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