Entitlements, Other Difficult Challenges

re: entitlements, other difficult programs.

One solution is to get the federal government out of all these businesses – delegate them to the local communities (and disestablish any federal agency that is engaged in same).

Set a schedule, allow the states to "opt-in" to allow their communities of 300,000 citizens to take ownership, both authority and responsibility, and then take the $ off of the federal books (if they were even there to begin with – most are not), as well as those communities’ citizen’s federal tax obligation.

As it is with SSI and Medic/are/aid there are no assets that need to change hands, the cashbox is empty, Congress has spent it all. These IOUs and hand-to-hand transfers that are generational promises remain the same, but they will be managed much closer to the citizen and by their neighbors rather than by something that must still appear to be almost a foreign power in D.C. (where 50M+1 voters seem to think they should decide what’s right for 50M-1, and/or be dictated to by these far removed courts and special interests). For those states that don’t want to entrust self-government to their communities, retain the status-quo and pay for it with (rapidly increasing given a balanced budget law) federal taxes of citizens in those states (and ask again after each state election).

When the dis-aggregation is complete about all that will be left is the common defense, and national level volunteer associations of these communities that look after concerns of shared interest.

Good news is the 1,000+ sovereign communities (in all things domestic) can and will rapidly solve all these entitlement challenges, especially since the citizen and their enterprise will not only vote at the ballot box but with their feet as these communities experiment with alternatives for care of the abandoned and indigent, and elderly and infirm, and those others who believed a national political promise was as good as their own money invested, or family or own neighborhood’s charity and care.

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