Defunding NPR

Re: publicly funded means more accountability (or not) wrt Juan Williams (?)

Should we defund NPR? Turns out this is not what’s needed.

I can’t find the cite on the big business that non-profit radio (and TV) have become as well as the personalities that have lived very high on the hog given their near monopoly status and grants of airwaves / spectrum. Congress exempted them from competition (and fees), which certainly isn’t warranted given the “income inequality” their big-name employees have increased to new highs (for a so-called non-profit).

To restore balance, don’t (just) defund NPR, but force it and the other fat-cat non-profits to compete for the airwaves they currently get gratis. And establish a web-licensing mechanism that automatically grants low-power stations a right-to-operate upon application and agreement to a non-interference provision (and use of suitable technology to insure same), as well as on-line posting of interference complaints.

The amount of diverse media and opinion on the airwaves will increase by factors of 10, and the corrupt legacy “non-profits” will either clean up their act or go out of business or find themselves carried by low-power stations at much lower cost (and much lower aggregate and abusive-of-non-profit-treatment “star” salaries).

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